There are places named D-Day, Redemption and Axle Snap and all are designed to make UTV riding on the Henryetta Off Roat Track and Trails interesting.
Since the off-road vehicles were allowed to use the east side of Nichols Park some three years ago, nearly 1,000 riders have been enjoying the sport.
The trails include dirt tracks, rocky outcroppings and steep climbs up a creek bank. Some of the motorized enthusiasts enjoy riding down winding creek beds that have some deep pools of standing water.
There are several mounds of dirt that have been st up to let the more adverturous speed up and enjoy a second or two of big air as they try to get all four wheels off the ground.
"A lot of people have been coming to the trails," said Doug Kossakowski Saturday. "We have entire families spending the day riding through here.
The trails were opened in early 2015. They occupy some 300 acres of the park that has been cut off from general use since the Indian Nation Turnpike crossed the park in the early 1960s.
That area has steep hills covered with thick wooded areas forcing drivers to often make sharp turns and crawl over huge rock outcroppings. Several creeks twist and turn throughout the landscape that allow the vehicles to drive along them.
One of the few flat and open areas has been turned into an oval dirt track. This gives the vehicles an opportunity to hit top speed as they barrel around it. In the middle of the oval is a wide dirt area designed to allow the more adventurous to race each other.
A parking lot has been cleared off south of the District 3 county barn and, on nice days can be filled with trucks and trailers.
There is a $5 per day fee to use the trails but it is an honor system. That has resulted in several hundred dollars each week going back to the city.
Just north of the parking lot is a motorcycle track that includes jumps and steep, banked curves.
The trails have garnered attention throughout the state and, this past week even had some international riders.
Yamaha representaives from Georgia as well as company engineers from Japan hooked up testing equipment to several of the UTVs to make their products even better.
It was hinted that Yamaha may be spending some money to make the trails even better.
The trail ride may not be for everyone but it provides a different form of recreation in Henryetta.