The four-year-old was featured Tuesday night at the Okmulgee County Republican party meeting.
Bruce Jones, publisher of the website, told the group the website, "is a natural evolution," of today's media.
He said he started in newspapers as a sports editor in Henryetta in the 1960s.
"A lot of faces in here grew up holding on to a newspaper page. That's changing. Kids today will never hold a newspaper in their hands. They are getting their news off the Internet, computer and smartphones."
He said there are so many opportunities with digital media. The meeting was live streamed through the website. Something that just a few years ago would not have been possible.
He pointed out has had over 700,000 visitors since it started in December, 2010.
With the Internet, digital marketing has changed as well. Jones said more and more businesses are using social media to get their message out.
He credited Facebook combined with the website for driving more readers to the website. Stories are "teased" on The Online Newspaper Facebook page with more details available on the website.
Designed by Jones, website does not charge for subscriptions in order to read the news. He said that was a decision made to allow more time spent accumulating news rather than be involved in record keeping.
He said all news is welcome and encouraged those present to submit news stories.