Part of the money from a proposed bond issue would be used to improve technology at Henryetta's schools.
The $9 million bond proposal will be placed for a vote in March.
To point out the need for technology upgrades, HHS senior Cameron Pak demonstrated the Google Chromebook opportunity Monday night.
Produced by Google, the internet innovator, Chromebook uses its own operating system with applications and documents stored in distant servers. Those servers are commonly referred to being, "in the cloud."
The Chromebooks have a built-in wi-fi and 3G connection.
Pak said the books cost around $200 each but, "discounts should be available for schools."
He contrasted that technology with the current computers in Henryetta schools, most still using the Windows XP operating system. That dates back 11 years and is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Using a slide presentation, Pak said applications from word processing to spreadsheets and slideshows are available for students.
The use of the laptops by individual students would enable them to complete assignments and turn them in whether they are in the classroom or not. Those assignments can be checked by a teacher and grades assigned.
"There's no excuse for saying I can't turn in my paper," he said. "It documents when the homework is turned in." Students can also do their work without being connected to the internet.
Pak described the Chromebooks as being durable but also recommended protective cases be purchased for them as well.
"This is an example of where we are going," said superintendent dwayne Noble. I want all our students to use them."
He said a pilot program will start this semester with members of the junior class. "When the bond passes, I want to go to the eighth grade and up."