There were 34 scholars at Henryetta elementary who made sure they did not miss a single day of class for the first semester.
Those being honored included:
First grade: Patsy Billie, Hanna Bryant, Jordan Gahm, Nicholas Henderson, Zander Rempe.
Second grade: Avalynn Cantrell, Joshua Donaho, Joyce Dong, Baili Henderson, Donnita Mosco, Ethyne Powell.
Third grade; Jacob Donaho, Aaron Elliott, Noah Followill, Kynzie Gillin, Kelsie Sadler, Steven Ulrich, Justice Worlow.
Fourth grade: Lauriel Billie, Raileigh Ellis, Jace Francis, Jaiden Reeves, Andrea Wade, Lejon Williams.
Fifth grade: Ivan Billie, Brighton Cantrell, Aggie Gillin, Grant Holder, Malakye Jones, Emily Payne, Luke Thompson, Aurora Tinkle, Hulleah Wincle, Camden Rempe.