Editor, Thehenryettan.com:
There are just a few short weeks until Congress will have to decide how it’s going to fund the federal government for the coming year. While there’s sure to be plenty of partisan bickering, one area in which both parties seem to agree is the need for more medical research funding.
For the last decade funding for the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute has failed to keep pace with inflation. The NIH and NCI are the principle driving sources of medical discovery in this country and can be directly linked to every major breakthrough in the fight against cancer in the last forty years.
Right now, not only are advancements in current research potentially being derailed, but we are in real danger of turning back the clock losing the progress we’ve already made.
Everyone knows someone who’s been affected by cancer. That’s why I’m asking my member of Congress to push for $3 billion increase in funding for the NIH this budget cycle. We need to do more to ensure we make more progress and, hopefully, one day eradicate this disease.
Michelle Brown
Oklahoma State Lead -Volunteer
American Cancer Society
Cancer Action Network