chelsea cookProbably somewhere along the line I have mentioned I enjoy reading. Going back just a few years, my older sister taught me to read before I started to school and I have been hooked ever since. Even when we go on a holiday trip I take my ipad, which is loaded with e-books, and just in case it won’t boot up, I take a hard copy book or two. As my volunteer job puts me close to many readers I know that my feelings are not unique. Even on a cruise ship there are people sitting all over the place with a book.
At my “job,” it is very easy to strike up a conversation with a person of any age, color or gender as you watch how they search for books. Sometimes, when I have other obligations that day, I kinda sorta wish I had not started a conversation with a true bibliophile, especially when we find we share the same passion about certain authors. Now that the new HQ boss has messed up the system it is much more difficult to help people find just “the” book but we try. Yessir, sometimes it takes a good deal of time.
Just lately, my last three books were the type that caused one to think and use the brain in an actual thought provoking manner. One was “Huckleberry Finn” which I had read many years ago. After reading Huck this time I realized I was too young or too immature the first time I read it.
Now, as I am older than most dirt, I can see what I missed the first time and, maybe I am glad. The first time I envied Huck and Jim their freedom to just float down the river as that was something I would have really, really wanted to do. This reading I knew it was more than a pleasure trip for them and now know what would have happened if they had been intercepted. Have you ever wanted to shout out a warning to a fictional literary character?
Another book I read recently, that is still spinning my brain, is “3001 The Final Odyssey.” Years ago I read the two prequels to this and they were entertaining. Of course, I enjoyed them very much and really enjoyed the movie, “2001 A Space Odyssey” even though I wasn’t sure I understood all the book was trying to tell me.
I was correct, I did not get the full meaning but that was OK as I was busy trying to be the best father ever, the best band director in the world and have friends and a social life. Way, way back there books were to be digested after 10 p.m. so they could be an actual thought provoking subject book.
There have been some others that are not light subject matters but I am sure you get the idea. Then, day before yesterday I sat down with another heavy book. About 40 - 50 pages in to it I just took off my glasses and laid the book (and glasses) aside. After sitting there for several minutes I knew what was wrong. Some when along there I realized that even intelligent people read for just the pleasure of it and so could I.
I went to the garage and got out a Clive Cussler adventure that was just what my psyche wanted. Yessir, there was lots of almost believable action and events happened that were as believable as Star Wars. Just the respite I needed from brain work.
When one only has half a brain, it can get overly taxed. I tried reading some comic books but they have turned into “Graphic Novels” and are a bit much for me. Even Veronica and Archie have had major problems.
Several joy killer people have said there will be no printed books in a few years. Looking around this room it appears that may not be entirely true. It will take several years just to clear this room of books and, he says prophetically, there are probably many more people/rooms just like this (despite what “certain” people say).
But the bad news is that my seven year old is in school and the two year old hardly even visits but can’t hold still long enough for “Miss Suzy.” The four year and other two year live so far away they hardly ever get to visit long enough for “ How Fletcher Was Hatched.” But, I can almost hear you say that you know the problem.
The kids are growing up but I am not. Hopefully, at my age I hope I never have to. Now, if you will just get up here in the chair, we can read “Where the Wild Things Are.” I have three copies.
As there seems to be an anti-book movement, I would really like your opinion and what you think/read/like: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.