chelsea cookLast week’s column really touched a nerve and I am glad. I think I told you about the new person who is in charge where I volunteer, or at least he was new some months ago. He obviously is not a reader and there is more that goes with that. He, quite vociferously, said that in a few years there would not be any books. I let it pass as I spent a professional life time trying to look out for and help those who were lacking in “skills.” He seemed to fit in the “needs” department.
However, there were some respondents who feel much as I do and maybe even more so. These people do not mind the world knowing they can read and do read often. Let’s let them speak for themselves.
#1 has a well placed fear but hopefully, not for a long time.
No! No! We must not let the written world(s) of books go away!!!!!
#2 This seems to be a standard formula for readers of a few years ago. I rather imagine it is still in vogue but the titles may have changed. Yes, I have helped adults pick books for their children who have not heard of these books or “Where The Wild Things Are. I find it hard to imagine.
Yes, I too fell in love with reading, and the adventures that came with it, from the time I first learned to read.  I read the Bobbsey Twins, The Five Little Peppers, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, and even a few Hardy Boys, along with the classic fairy tales, and stories like, "The Wizard of Oz", "Heidi", etc.   I was also fortunate to have parents who read to me, although in my recollection those were mostly Bible stories.   When my own children were small, we had just about every little golden book ever printed, and subscribed to several "book clubs" was Disney, I've forgotten what the other one was.  I take my two grandchildren a new book or three almost every time I go visit.  One of my "laments" now is that I have plastic hampers FULL of my children's books stored in the attic, and my grands, at ages five and almost three, are soon to be ready for these "elementary" books, but, alas, I have no where to display them!!  I need a HUGE bookcase, and a place to put it!!!
#3 Not only does this person read, they have a system that makes me envious. I don’t think I am organized enough to do this system but I can wholeheartedly recommend it for those who can. I have seen many people come in our store with journals and it really works.
Chelsea, thanks for asking these questions!
I learned to read and love books before attending first grade. I think most children, at that time, did not attend preschool or kindergarten. My sister, Pat, is four years older than me. We played school at home all the time. She taught me the lessons she learned at school each day. It was great preparation for 'real' school!
Books are important to me. Wherever I am, you can be certain that there are several books, close at hand. I usually read more than a couple at the same time. Some are purchased, some are borrowed from the library. Many titles have been read multiple times. I have books loaded on my tablet, but I really do prefer holding real books in my hands. I may use the internet to find some recipes, but I will never replace my cookbooks.
In 2003, a librarian friend suggested that I start recording the books I read in a book log. This was a wonderful suggestion. Today, that record book is one of my most treasured possessions. It's fun to review what I was reading at different times. It is also handy to take to the library, book store or book sale. It lets me know if I've read that author or a book I am considering. I encourage every reader to try this.
I am currently reading the latest two books in the Alexander McCall Smith series of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe, and The Woman Who Walks In Sunshine. I enjoyed the previous fourteen books in this series, too. The setting is Botswana and I love reading about the culture and customs of that country.
I read fiction and non-fiction books of all kinds. Some I like, some I don't, but I try to learn something from each of them.
OK, that’s all. Now you are on your own and I hope you are encouraged enough to a) increase your reading pleasure or b) start reading for pleasure more.
See you next week and I may have some exciting (to me) news.