chelsea cookWellsir, our national religious celebration is over and some say it lived up to its hoopla. A writer in the Tulsa World thought differently and he must have watched a different Football Tabernacle Celebration than did most of the USA. Personally, I didn’t care until I remembered the things I read about the young, brazen quarterback of whom, it is said, was the new face of football. My sons and I used to barrack for a football team so I am familiar with most of the teams. I think “our” team has stopped playing as they haven’t been heard from after a few years with the present owner.  I do wonder whatever happened to them.  But, he says bringing back the subject, this new quarterback had me interested so I watched him --miss passes, get knocked down, get the ball knocked from his hands and back away from diving on one of his own fumbles. Being a purist, I mentally tried to communicate a thought to him of: “Now mister “over the top,” go do your silly dances in front of this defense.” But he never did that.
I had gotten ill Saturday evening and was still quite weak and not able to function in a so-called “normal” manner all day Sunday. By later Sunday evening, as I had only forced myself to move three times all day. I was so bored that I thought even the Super Brawl was worth checking out. That is when I remembered the made up quarterback controversy. Now, as most people do, I wish I had paid more attention to our national religion and I would have been against the hot shot. With all the money I could have raised to bet on the game, I think I could have won enough for a Ron’s special (small) at Ron’s in Broken Arrow. It would have been good. But, as any good cowboy knows, a good bronco can take on a panther and kick the snot out of him almost every time. Hey! That’s it! “Cowboys! That is the team that seems to have disappeared, wonder what ever happened to them after that kid from Henryetta left?
It seems that last week I mentioned there might be some exciting news. To you it will probably be ho hum but it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. No, no need to really prepare your self as I am not going to announce my run for president and enter the debates. I lost my clown makeup in my last flight home from LAX and never got it back. Starting Thursday, February 11 I shall start my new gig as a Tulsa Airport Ambassador. We Ambassadors get to wear these spiffy blazing red jackets, a white polo shirt with the unique design for RSVP volunteers and get to sit behind a long “desk” and look important. Unlike most people I associate with, strangers coming into the airport will think I know something. I will have maps of the airport, maps of Tulsa roadway system and many different lists of appropriate numbers a traveler to Tulsa may want or need. Also there are two informational touch screens for us to use to check flight status.
Tulsa International Airport has undergone so amazing changes very recently. There is still much construction going on so it is going to be easy for people to get confused, especially those people who have not traveled very much. The last time I was in the airport was in early October and only in the far east end at the waiting room. When I received the call that my application had finally gone through and “could you come out this Wednesday?” I, of course was on my way. Parking far from a gate to not get in the way of a real customer, I had to walk through many of the changes. As many times as I have flown out of Tulsa over the past fifty-three years, I had the feeling of being in a different city. The security people have always been nice and professional, the workers have been friendly and it seemed as though there was always someone to answer your questions if you had a problem, concern or just needed information. Hey, now I am one of those answer people.
Some of you, knowing I am new at this and am used to being a boss, may think I will misguide someone because of my lack of knowledge. “Ah, ye of little faith,” I will have an experienced partner, a training booklet full of “how to” and as previously mentioned, maps and other informational items. And I can always point to my partner and say, “Oh, that’s her department,” and not have to answer any tough question.
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