Editor, Thehenryettan.com:
I am writing this letter of humble gratitude on behalf of Wilson Schools and myself. As always, the people of the Wilson community rallied together in support of the school by voting yes on the school bond issue.
The bond is two-fold. First, it allows us to make much needed repairs (i.e. HVAC, flooring, etc…), without using our budget monies, which have been severely cut over the past several weeks. Secondly, this bond provides the necessary start-up funds to initiate the new 8-man football program. This program is an investment in the future of both our school and community.
Additionally, I would like to extend our gratitude to Bruce Jones at Thehenryettan for his investment of time and provision of valuable information to the people. By educating those who could not be at the meetings, they were well-informed as they went to the polls to vote.
We, at Wilson Schools, are appreciative of the support from our community. We are excited to begin this new adventure together with you.
Andrea James
Wilson Schools