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Kelsey Britt is the daughter of Christy Britt and Steve Britt and sister of Trevor Britt. She has been in. softball 1 year, basketball 1 year, Tennis 6 years, NHS 2 years, NTHS 2 years and HOSA 2 years. Kelsey plans to go to NSU for basics then to Texas Chiropractic College.
Riley Berry is the son of Shane Berry and Tina Berry and brother of Kaylea Berry. He is the grandson of the late Don Berry and Jewel Berry and the late Janice Black and Gerald
Black. He has played basketball 4 years, golf 4 years, student council 4 years, 2 years NHS, 2 years academic team, 1 year baseball, 1 year Native American club, 1 year cross country and 1 year Native American Challenge Bowl. Riley plans to attend the University of Oklahoma to get his degree in petroleum engineering.
Alan Hargis is the son of Lonnie and Teresa Hargis and the brother of Andrea Hargis and the cousin of Richard, Chris and Kevin Hargis. He is the grandson of Junior and the late Patty Hargis and Debra Loder and Mike Gerdes. He has played football 4 years, power lifting 4 years, basketball 1 year and baseball 1 year. Alan plans to become a sports analyst or commentator
Ryder Hudson is the son of Gene and Lori Hudson. He is the grandson of the late Barbra and Lloyd Hudson and Billie and the late Harold Henry. He has played football 4 years, baseball 4 years, basketball 2 years and weight lifting 1 year.
Haley Kearns is the daughter of Cathy and Harlan Kearns and the sister of Brandon Payne, Shelby and Cody Kearns. She is the granddaughter of the Late Mary Dodson and Charles Dodson and Gwen Kearns and the late Harold Kearns. She has been a cheerleader for 6 years, track 1 year and FCCLA for 1 year. Haley plans to go to Green Country and OSU I. T. to become a dental hygienist and a cheer coach on the side.
Haley Dunn is the daughter of Hayden and Ginny Dunn and the sister of Jimmy Dunn and Lindsey Duvall. She is the granddaughter of the late Mary Dunn and Teddy Dunn and Laura Perkins and Jimmy Perkins. She has played slow-pitch softball for 3 years, fast pitch 1 year, and cheer for 2 years. Haley plans to attend UCO in the fall and major in community and public health.
Kendall Perez is the daughter of Lauren Perez and Travis Whitlock and the sister of J.J., William and Avery Perez. She is the granddaughter of Vicki and Michael Taylor, Bill McFerron, and the great granddaughter of Jo and Red Thompson. She has played slow pitch 4 years, fast pitch 3 years, cheer since she was 8 and is the coach of the 5th and 6th grade cheerleaders. Kendall plans to go to college and get a business degree and then open her own gym to become a cheer coach.
Steven Slade is the son of Cara Slade and the nephew of Jaylaina and Eric Rampenthal and the brother of Trenton and Ali. He is the grandson of Candice Canada and Jerry and Ann Boswell and the late Bill and Virginia Boswell. He has played football 4 years and power lifting 2 years and Cheer 1 year. Steven plans to go to college for sports medicine to be the sideline doctor for OU.
Michael Snider is the son of Elizabeth Snider and Charles Swearengin II and the brother of Chloe and Charles Swearengin and Jacob and Steven Snider. He is the grandson of Janice Earnest and John Earnest and Charles Swearengin. He has played football, basketball, cheer and baseball. Michael plans to be a football coach or a fireman.