The new Henryetta elementary royalty this year are Callie England and Traber Jones. Both are in pre-k.
They received their crowns Saturday night during special ceremonies prior to the start of the Henryetta-Checotah basketball games.
IMG 6489Making up the royal court were:
Fifth grade:
Princess: Julie Farley, daughter of David and Penny Farley. She likes basketball, art and playing on her X-box and spending time with friends and training her dog Skipper. She wants to become a veterinarian. Her teacher is Mrs. Gaither.
Prince: Nicholas Crow, son of Ramona Crow and Brian Crow. He likes looking at the stars, baseball and soccer. He wants to work at NASA. His teacher is Mrs. Gaither.
Fourth grade:
Princess: Raychell Morrison is the daughter of Joe and Lisa Peavler. She likes playing basketball and cheerleading and hanging out with friends. She ways to be a nurse. Her teacher is Ms. Freeman.
Prince: Brayden Lyons, the son of Daniel and Quanda Lyons. He likes mud racing. His teacher is Ms. Montemayor.
Third Grade:
Princess: Emma Thompson, daughter of Travis and Sarah Thompson. She likes reading good books and learning Tae Kwon Do. She wants to become a Tae Kwan Do black belt. Her teacher is Ms. Boatner.
Prince: Jason Powders, son of Scott and Tonya Powders. He likes football, basketball, running, video games and playing the drums. He wants to play for the Cowbows in the NFL. His teacher is Ms. Davis.
Second grade:
Princess: Lanie Michelle Guynes, the daughter of Matt and Andrea Guynes. She likes tumbling, riding her horse and spending time with her family. She wants to be a gymnast, horseback rider or a teacher. Her teacher is Ms. Morris.
Prince: Jonah Darrell Roberrts. He is the son of Jeremy and Guyla Roberts. He likes going to church, playing soccer, hanging out with friends and playing the WII. He wants to go to OU and become a paleontologist. His teacher is Ms. Johnson.
First grade:
Princess: Peyton LaRae Farrow. She is the daughter of Sonnyand Sara Farrow. She likes cheerleading, basketball, softball, barrel racing, pole bending and mutton busting. When she grows up she wants to be a babysitter. Her teacher is Ms. Wilkinson.
Prince: Jaden Peavler is the son of Billy and Billie Peavler. He likes hunting, playing baseball, watching movies, drawing, coloring and playing with his new baby niece. He wants to be an astronaut. His teacher is Ms. Glover.
Princess: Callie Jo England, the daughter of Dane and Cassie England. She likes to go to church and sing, play with her brothers and go hunting and fishing with daddy. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her teacher is Ms. Harelson.
Prince: Titus Thompson. He is the son of Josh and Katie Thompson and likes Tae Kwon Do and playing with legos. He wants to be an electrical engineer when he grows up. His teacher is Ms. Harelson.
Princess: Nora Jayde Sweeney. She is the daughter of Malcolm and Misty Sweeney. She loves to tumble, play with friends, go to school and sing and dance. She wants to be a hairstylist. Her teachers are Ms. Hood and Ms. King.
Prince: Traber Jones is the son of Casey and Leslie Jones. He likes to play dinosaurs, super heroes, baseball and basketball. He works at the Okmulgee stockyard. When he grows up he wants to buy a car and go to college. His teachers are Ms. Adams and Ms. Rempe.