Henryettans Floyd and Ann Sellers have been watching the Italian Alps with a lot of pride.skiTheir granddaughters, Ann-Sophie and Marie-Noelle, have been tearing up the ski slopes as they compete with an eye toward being a member of the Italian national team.
The two daughters of Brad and Monika Sellers just finished their first competitive season with Ann-Sophie finishing 18th out of over 40 and Marie-Noelle ending up tenth in a 45-member competition.
Not bad considering Marie-Noelle is racing in the four through five division and Ann-Sophie is skiing in the six through seven-year-old category.
They were participating in the "Baby Championships" circuit at the Seiser Alm ski resort located some 300 miles north of Rome. Their parents live near the ski resort in Monika's home town.
"Since we're in the Alps, skiing is the local sport for kids, kind of like baseball or football for Oklahomans," said their father. He said Ann-Sophie started skiing three seasons ago and Marie-Noelle just completed her first year. Both are first-year competitors in skiing.
The "Baby Championships" are the equivalent of little-league sports in the United States, and are the most junior level in the system of competitions that eventually leads to qualification for the Italian national team.
Both girls compete for the Sports Club Kastelruth ski team. They each completed three races for their rankings.