The HHS Knights captured a pair of second and third place awards in the singles and doubles contests at the Henryetta invitational Friday resulting in a tie for second in the overall point standings.
Second place went to Eli Palmer in the number 1 singles. He sailed through the first two matches but lost to Johnny Strabbe from Shawnee in the finals.
In the number 1 doubles, the team of Jaret Day and Tyger Freeman lost 4, 6 in the finals to Grove's Allen and Sanders.
Colton Wion won his number 2 singles opening match then lost in the semifinals putting him in the battle against Jeff Crawford from Grove. Wion won that match 3,2 for third place.
Another third place title went to Knox and Dwiggins form Henryetta when they won 0,3 in their number 2 doubles series.
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