By Rebecca Hold
Publicity Chairman
Velda Bradley hosted the Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution Jan. 20 at Pepino's Restaurant in Okemah.
This year the organization is celebrating the 125th anniversary of DAR's founding and the amazing women who have built it to what it is today. At our meeting we worked together on the Chapter Master Questionaire Report.

After concluding our report, we totaled up our community service hours for 2014; and our chapter donated over 2,000 hours of service.
The total hours for 2014 for our national organization is not completed yet, but DAR members provided more than 3.5 million hours of community service across the world in 2013. With our growing membership we are most certainly anticipating our 2014 national hours to be much more than 2013.
Regent Bradley announced that the DAR State Convention will be April 22, in Tulsa. She also reported that Martha Hutton's application was approved February 5 by the DAR National Headquarters, and that we had three prospective members attending the meeting today.
Dorothy Burden gave a most interesting presentation on the Creek Indian stickball game, and even showed us the stick that they used in the competition. Some members recalled attending the games and seeing games that were played many years ago at the Henryetta Labor Day celebrations.
Members present were Susan Barnett, Dorothy Burden, Gene Merideth, Judy Williams, Judith Drennan, Margaret Parks, Sherrie Case, Rebecca Hold, Ann Jackson, Mary June Cashman, Lucretia Harkey, and Emma Joyce Sowder; prospective members Linda Tillman, Geneva Bertges, and Jeanie Maxwell; guest Pam Ferrell; and hostess and Regent Velda Bradley.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 17, at 11:30 a.m. at Pepino's Restaurant in Okemah.
Any woman 18 years old or older who can prove she is descended from a Revolutionary War Soldier or Patriot is eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Prospective members are welcome to attend our meetings. Contact Regent Velda Jo Bradley, 918-623-1550, or Registrar Rebecca Hold, 918-652-7092, for assistance. More information is available on the DAR website,