National School Bus Safety Week is October 22-26 and Henryetta school officials are urging motorists to drive carefully around them.
“School buses are such a common sight; it can be easy to forget their important function. We're carrying precious cargo, our children,” said Rick Enis, transportation director for Henryetta schools. "The truth is, we all want our children to be as safe as possible. "school bus
Enis pointed out studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says riding a bus is 13 times safer than riding in a passenger vehicle.
“Bus drivers are multi-taskers,” he said. “They are practicing defensive driving while having to make sure 40 to 50 students sitting behind them are following the bus rules.” Parents, guardians, and students you can make a difference! Adults visit with your child and explain the importance of following these bus rules, the older students can help out by setting good examples for all bus riders.
Here are a few reminders:

1. Slow down in school zones

2. Slow down for “YELLOW FLASHING LIGHTS” on school buses

3. Stop for “RED FLASHING LIGHTS” and the “STOP ARM” on school buses

4. Finally, as we enter the winter months and prepare for the end of daylight savings time, more students will be waiting for the bus in the dark. Please exercise extra caution, especially in the mornings
"We ask everyone to just not focus this week, but focus each and every day, so we can make sure our children get to school and back home safely," said Enis.