chelsea headingStarting  Wednesday my email went all crook. Sometimes when I tried to send, it didn’t. After another try or two things worked. AH, for the good ol’ days. Today nothing would send in any of my accounts. I spent about an hour and a half in nerve wracking activities trying to follow instructions from a sweet female tech voice. She made several guesses and finally said everything worked and we parted. One caveat: she said to wait five hours before trying to send again. Now I suspect she would be going off duty after four hours and added one to be safe. And you have already guessed what happened next.
The dad-gummed dingdong confounded email still didn’t work. So I called Cox tech support and only had to wait about five minutes, instead of the more than a half hour I waited in the morning. But a nice young man voice came on and I had to go back from the beginning even if he had my “ticket” from the morning session. After only about 15 minutes he said he would put me on hold as he had to ask someone else about this. He was going to ask someone and be right back. Several minutes went by and I was getting high blood pressure as he evidently went on coffee break while he and his source were having a chat-up.
Suddenly a sharp, high pitched female voice snapped on at a very low volume and asked if she could help. I said: “Yes, you could turn up the volume.” WOW! She let me know that the volume was up as far as she could get it and something else my ear drums were vibrating too hard to absorb. But I must tell you, things improved and except for several of her being irritated because I a) could not read her passive signals and b) have never been inside this computer where she was trying to take me with half directions, we got along fine. Dwayne would have been proud of me when she told me to go to certain places and those places did not exist on my computer. I did not speak to her in the voice I probably should have but used my 3rd grade voice to read her all the choices. It only took a couple of times for her to catch on that when I said the item wasn’t there, it wasn’t there.
Prepare yourself as here come the shocker. I explained why I was slow to respond to her commands as I had been speaking to a young man and etc. She said, “Yes, they do that sometimes. When they don’t know the answer they just tell you that and put you back on hold. Sometimes the supervisor tells them to do that and let someone else handle it." Screaming inwardly leaps to mind. I would not have minded the youngster telling me the truth rather than lie and have me find out the hard way. Not good, not good.
So young lady and I fought this beast for almost two hours and she thought she had two of three accounts fixed. Since it was well past 6:PM and I had called in at 4:15 (before getting blown off) I was hungry and tired. It was my suggestion we stop and I would continue when I got home tomorrow or start again Friday. She thought  she had two accounts finished and I could get a furthermore sent. We stopped about 6:15 - 30PM. No, not finished as then I found out Herself was having the same problem. {insert scream here}  I tried the two accounts and only one works. If you are reading this on your computer and not by ESP, you’ll know which account she did fix.Also know that sometime Friday and Saturday I shall be trying to get my other two accounts fixed and Herself’s account fixed. Serious statement: Do NOT expect a furthermore next week. I have some places to go and may not be able to work around Cox’s schedule.
And I may cry a lot.