chelsea headingWellsir, here we are in what should be  the last attack of winter and it is almost 70F.I am not complaining about the temperature unless,since February is supposed too be cold, August will be that much hotter. Ok, maybe I better elaborate on that. Usually in Oklahoma a GOOD FEBRUARY DAY (ASSUMING THERE IS SUCH a thing) WOULD BE 40+ to 50F.August gets to over 100F quite often so let us take 100Fas a point of reference. So,that would mean that AUGUST IS 60 DEGREES, OR MORE, THAN FEBRUARY. According to this next August is going to be over 140F. And, he says quickly,that is on a "good"day.  That is too hot even for me.  That would make me think seriously about moving to Maine or some other Arctic country. At the writing of this, Maine is enjoying over five feet of snow. According to one correspondent,WAY over five feet. So by August, Maine may be habitable for us winter sissies. OK, that is  if they can get their weather to behave.
Recently I was in a strange conversation with a lady about weather changing and global warming. Her statement astounded me and has left me totally perplexed. Maybe you can help me on this one. She said that global warming did not exist and I showed her a picture which, to me, was evidence that it did to at least some degree. Her argument, and this is what I need explaining, was the snow and ice did not fall on that place but changed to fall on the "other side."  Right,I did ask her and her answer was: "The tundra! It falls on the other side of the tundra!"  
Having been to some places and looked at a few maps, I was curious as to where the other side of the tundra would be. After trying to absorb some more facts which I could not understand, it was time for me to go get my coffee. Thankfully the nearest coffee shop was\is a very long walk away and takes several minutes to navigate if one is not in a hurry. So,... my request is that if you know where the other side of the tundra is, please write in and tell me. None of my maps or  globes seem to point it out.  
There are ten dozen, if not 100 squillion, opinions about global warming. Now i do not know about the other side of the globe but I have lived a long time and have never witnessed a 80F day in February before. That is what got me to thinking about an August day of 140F and what if it really did happen. I am not sure even camels or Arabs could last very long if they were subject to days that hot. As much as I love summer, I do not believe I would like very many of those days. Hmm, it certainly would make Boy Scout winter camping much easier.
But I did not write this to get any arguments started. There are enough things being argued over right now to take the shine off any day one turns on the TV and can’t get the channels turned fast enough. In my warped brain I sometimes wonder how it would have been if the Romans (yes, the original ones) had TV news back in their day. Would they have debated every evening about the Barbarians and/or Cleopatra? Would Julius Caesar have been impeached instead of murdered? Would anything be made real if spoken enough times by either Mark Antony or Julius? Probably not, except either of them had a large army and knew how to use it to their advantage.
But getting back to the weather. These sunny days are confusing my bees and not doing much for my little bit of knowledge. I have read, heard and tried to study what to do with the hives during winter. What I haven’t seen or heard fits what is happening now to the weather. It is amazing that bees are out flying around now but I haven’t seen any flowers -Oh, except for the obnoxious stuff in my front yard. No, I have not seen one bee on those weed flowers. Maybe the new president can pass a law that certain seasons will be according to the calendar and not according to whatever the weather gods decide at the last minute. My bees and I would be a lot happier. Or I would anyway.
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