chelsea headingSometimes we here in the U.S. of A. need to be reminded of what a great place this is to live. Ok, OK, yes, there are problems here but I believe that even Eden had problems. I am sitting here in a doctor’s office waiting until Herself gets finished so I can go back to my very wet backyard and get all muddy pretending to work at something. There are several people in this eye doctor’s waiting room but, some, as I am, are just waiting but think of the number out here and the ones who have already gone to the inside waiting room. I am always in awe of how good we Americans have it when we live in or near a city.
We drove about seven miles to get here and all but the city part was near 65 MPH. I can remember the last time I drove in Dallas, TX. Let me interject here that the last time I drove in Dallas I prayed would be the last time I drove in Dallas. Since I am off topic, I have driven in New York City, all over Ireland including Dublin, all of England and much of Scotland. Now add driving in Sydney Australia, Broken Hill and up and down the east coast of Australia but the driving in Dallas is beyond even Los Angeles. California where I lived for over a year.
Now before the interruption, I was headed for getting ready for summer. I know there are many people who take their holidays in the winter. I have never had that freedom until recently but it doesn’t seem to be something I want to do. The places I would want to go would be over run with tourists and you know how tourists are. But as a “Yank” we have the world open to us. Most of us can go to 99% of the world and all we will need is a visa to that country or countries. I know, I know, things change, countries’ attitudes change and our government may change but for now, we are as free as anyone in the world. Yessir, that is today’s topic and a recurring topic.
Think about going on a vacation expedition to the North Pole in the summer and then going to the South Pole during that summer. That is possible IF one can afford it as we have no governmental ban on going. However, there are safety and environmental restrictions, but no guards at the USA airports telling you where you can and can’t go. As much as I dislike cold, I would go to either in a minute if somehow an opportunity made itself available. I would throw snowballs at Polar bears or snowballs at penguins. (Probably would be a lot safer throwing snowballs at penguins than at Polar bears.) In between the poles there are so many places to see and things to do it may be impossible to do everything one wants to do.
The world is open to people from the USA and people from a very few other countries. If one acts properly, those people are welcomed in almost every country on Earth. Personally, I have worked, lived in and/or visited about 40 different countries. We were treated like guests in every country and, yessir, even Russia. Because the fancy place our guide wanted to eat lunch was closed, we ate in a place I much preferred. Our guide did not want to hear us say that we wanted just a plain “people” place as we wanted to experience what and where real Russians ate. It was an unplanned great thing. In Italy there are so many USA tourists that it is common place but not on a side street in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Think about a place you would like to go and then what would you do when you were there. Choose a place that is possible but not a usual tourist type destination. OK, maybe a tourist destination but not one that is over-run. Now, set you sights on getting there and unless your choice is way exotic, you can do it before summer is over. Think of this: two dry lander Okies wanted to do a sailing schooner. With a little help, we have done the schooner several times and will probably go again. There are several schooners from Maine from which you can choose, but the schooner Heritage, its captains and crew have always been better than great for us.andWhatever, wherever, whenever you choose, do yourself a lifetime favor and GO somewhere.andHere is our recommendation:
“Oh the places you'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!