HHS seniors Holly Stuart and Tanner Dodge were named the Outstanding Boy and Girl this week. The two were recognized near the conclusion of the annual high school awards and scholarship assembly.
sr keyNamed as Who’s Who were Tim Cole, Hunter Scott, Veenee Patel and Holly Stewart.
The 2017 valedictorians and salutatorians received their awards to start off the asembly.
They included valedictorians Rachel Montgomery, Holly Stuart, Jaylynn Matthews, Hunter Scott and salutatorians Veenee Patel, Elizabeth Eddy and Joshua Kellogg.
Scholarships awarded included:
HEA: Tanner Dodge, Rachel Montgomery, Charee and Caprice Graham.
Military: Rachel Montgomery.
Holly Stuart – Derwood Clay Award: Holly Stuart.
Class of 1960: Hunter Scott.
Class of 1959: Rachel Montgomery.
Class of 1943: Jaylyn Matthews.
Alex Swyden/All-School Reunion : Veenee Patel.
Alex Swyden/All-School Reunion:Elizabeth Eddy.
Class of 1943: Joshua Kellogg.
Lions Club: Zoey Wheeler and Jaylynn Matthews.
Rotary Club: Charee Graham and Holly Stuart.
East Central Youth Tour: Nicholas Pak.
First National Bank: Jaylynn Matthews and Holly Stuart.
First Family Federal Credit Union: Jacob Cantrell.
Benny Leonard/Mike Bailey: Jaylynn Matthews, Raylynn Morrison, Holly Stuart, Zoey Wheeler and Rhett Williams.
Chamber of Commerce: Tanner Dodge, Charee Graham and Holly Stuart.
Band Boosters: Sierra Fritts and Rachel Montgomery.
City of Tulsa Pipe and Drum Corps: Brandon Cecil.
Red Cross: Sierra Fritts.
Pat Molet: Nicole Robertson and Rhett Williams.
Jeff Lawrence: Nicole Robertson.
Troy Aikman: Holly Stuart.
OHLAP: Zoey Benton, Elizabeth Denton, Elizabeth Eddy, McGregor Morris, Joshua Kellogg, Janie Palmer, Kalil Lewis, Sarah Mazenski, Mason Martin, raylynn Morrison, Zoey Wheeler and Patience Whitlock.
Betha Sigma Phi: Elizabeth Denton.
Melissa May Blankenship: Jayden matthews.
Nathan George: Mya Powders.
OSU: Jaylynn Matthews and Holly Stuart.
OSUIT: Kari Freand, Walker Kinslow, Nicholas Medeiros, Sierra Waller, Sarah Lotinski, Hunter Thomas, Brandon Cecil, ShiAnn Hedrick, Janie Palmer, Jacob Cantrell, Leah Delacal, Tanner Dodge, Taylor Pickens, Brice Sanford, Rhett Williams, Joshua Kellogg and Hunter Scott.
Otta Wuniversity: Rhett Williams.
Lindenwood University: Caprice and Charee Graham.
Seminole State: Nicole Robertson.
Bethany College: Lily Rainwater.
Dedication to Wrestling: Ethan Wincel and Bo Adams.


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