Recently I personalized and then posted this on Facebook, which was sent to me from $3 Bill:
Doctor: "You're in great shape for your age, but I'm not a magician - I can't make you any younger."
Chelsea: "Who asked you to make me younger? Just make sure I get older!"
You have probably known as many as I have, and, yes, I have known several people who didn't decide to live until they were “Seniors." Suddenly they hear a wake up call and decide there are some things that still need done. Those pesky non-profits that are often touted on TV and newspapers now seem to have some appeal.
Community service takes on a new luster as old age, and possibly some maturity, seems to kick in. All those years of avoiding doing things are behind you and the future is totally blank. After some while just sitting and watching the grass grow or becoming brain dead watching day time TV is no longer an option. After telling friends that as soon as you get your “gold watch" you are going to do nothing. You are going to take it easy.
Ha! Not as much fun as it sounded when you were 25 years old and had to do your work and some lazy person's in your department. Or- you owned a small business and working with the public has totally warped your brain and sense of direction.
Your game may change but the golf course hasn't and those trees which were over there will be there 50 years from now - and you won't. As you sit there becoming a vegetable you suddenly think about those little kids you saw when you were forced to go Christmas shopping. You remember? Those little toe-heads who were about some of your grandkids' age and they were looking at all the merchandise knowing they would never have any. Their eyes were as big and sparkling as a new silver dollar and you were transported back a few decades.
It dawns on you that it is not the kids' fault they have nothing and now as you look back you think maybe you could have done something.
The U.S.A. has almost joined the rest of the industrial nations and has given older people some security with the Medicare program. The advancements in medicine during our lifetime are astounding. Soon I will have surgery to remove cataracts from my eyes. I recently had a surgery to remove a cancer from my bladder. A close friend has had a knee replaced because of a military injury.
I am a great-grandparent (actually, in both senses of the word) but my great-grandparents would have gone blind with cataracts or died from cancer. The friend would have been crippled for the rest of his life without these advancements. Now most people live much longer than their grand and great-grandparents. That gives us time to do more and stay active longer. We can do more for ourselves and others. We have some extra years now and have a great voice in how we spend it.
I guess what I am trying to say is that old age is a matter of mind set. There are many people who were born before me but are younger. Sure, they have aches and issues but they are out there living. OK, not as fast as they once did but they are living. In my painting class a lady who is definitely of “senior" age has all but finished a gorgeous painting in about three lessons/sessions. My thrice weekly exercise class is led by a lady who would make teen agers blush because she can do strenuous exercises without breathing hard. She is a teen ager going on past retirement age.
My point is, if you are able, go do something good. Something good for you and, if you are able, something good for society. Some people say they are ‚Äúpaying back" for the good things that they have experienced, It is also a way to ‚Äúpay forward" as the good things you do will have a lasting impact.  Volunteer to help the school band raise money, Help the coaches mark off the field or diamond. Take a cake to the fire station or police station as those guys probably deserve it. Become a Boy/Girl Scout leader or helper or jet ask someone who is a volunteer and they will know someplace you will fit perfectly.
Your life is not over, so no matter your age, until it is over so go live it!