chelsea headingSometimes when one makes a mistake one knows he (or she) knows as they are doing this action that it is wrong. A case in point happened to a person recently. In this case it was a “he” so now the ladies can get ready to laugh at male ignorance of household products.
The story goes that said male person was doing what he thought was a nice thing and finished loading the dishwasher. He then reached under the sink and got the detergent and poured the cup full of a blue liquid. He was even able to get the washer set with all the proper buttons pushed and when he heard the first “swish” of water starting to flow he knew the washing process was beginning. Satisfied of having done a good job, he retired to his computer room and started doing important things - or so I was “told.”
There seemed to be something gnawing at the back of his brain but he was too busy to thoughtfully investigate it but he was not surprised when his wife appeared in the doorway and said, “You’d better come, there is something wrong with the dishwasher.” A powerful brain kick told him what it was as when he was pouring in the blue stuff it did not look right. That second part was correct and he knew immediately what he had done that was far from correct.
As he went into the kitchen he saw a long, white river of soapy water snaking its way across the floor. Yessir, he had put regular dish washing detergent in the cup instead of the proper gooey stuff. But, he said proudly, he cleaned up the whole mess and it took less than an hour.
He was proud of that as he didn’t have a license to drive this special kind of mop which he purchased for his wife. Now that is his story and I believe every word. The old saying: “look before you leap,” could be changed to: “pay attention before you pour.” No one at his house even threatened banishment or ostracizing. If you have any wise words for him I will see that they get to the proper place.
This weird weather has me almost freaked out. It was 90F in February and here in Oklahoma, the 2nd of the hot capitols in the USA, it is in the 70s in August then straining for 89F.
Besides that it is raining every day and I have much important work to do outside. Like most men I probably will not be too specific but it is all important. Yessir, very important and the reason I didn’t get the trash ready today was because I had that thing I needed to do in the west part of the back yard by the fence. I will probably finish it tomorrow - that is if it doesn’t rain tonight.
But have you noticed how nice it is after a rain to just sit on your porch or patio and sip coffee and listen to nothing. Just sit and sip and let the birds throw expensive bird food on the ground. It is mostly sparrows and they are funny little creatures. They have been named the “mice of the bird world” but they really aren’t that bad. They gobble all they can as fast as they can and then, about every 45 seconds, some signal is given and all eleventy jillion of them flash off with a loud flutter of wings.
All leave except for the slow learners or the ultra brave. I am not sure which ones would fit staying when everybird else scrambles for their lives. Evidently that escape clause in the bird’s DNA is why there are so many sparrows and not as many ducks.
But getting to enjoy watching the birds and going to my volunteer jobs is my “escape clause.” I was on duty seven or eight days a week and sometimes 24 or 25 hours a day. I definitely miss working but also enjoy not having too many obligations outside my family. When I retired to do mission work I thought that would be what I did from then on out.
It seems that not enough people I could contact l so wanted to spend a portion of their lives asking others for money so they could go deprive themselves of most modern conveniences. Yes, I knew people who were willing to go but the constant necessity of raising money stopped many. Being a school band director in Oklahoma prepared me to constantly raise money to support my program. And, yessir, I am ready to go again.