The orange shoes fugitive Skipper Eugene Rowland was wearing can be seen behind one of the vehicles blocking SH 52 Tuesday afternoon. Rowland fled into the woods to the east of the highway after freeing himself from his chains when he jumped from a prisoner transport van. Other prisoners in the van did not try to escape.


Law enforcement officers from several counties as well as neighboring cities were combing the fields south of Morris Tuesday afternoon.
fugitiveThey were looking for 34-year-old Skipper Eugene Rowland who escaped from a Department of Corrections transport van.
The fugitive was able to jump from the van when it turned onto US 266 from SH 52. He dropped the chain and shackles and kicked off his shoes at the intersection then ran into the woods on the northeast side of the roadway.
Rowland is described as 5’9” tall, 150 pounds.
When last seen he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. This is not his first time to get away from officers. He has been charged with an attempted escape in Muskogee county as well as kidnapping and other felonies.
A helicopter was called in after K-9 units were unable to follow his scent.
The manhunt caused Morris school bus service to be suspended Tuesday.