chelsea headingThis is not my “good-bye letter” as it would appear as my last writing is not up yet. But you may expect a notice very soon that I am traveling completely around the world and won’t be back for a very long time. All you who are non-believers in luck and good fortune may just stay home. I am soon to receive several million dollars from an uncle in Europe that I didn’t know I had, a suitcase from the Florida International airport, a letter from some obscure governmental department to which I sent identifying information and another thing or two I can’t remember.
And, he quickly adds, I know my computer is clean as I have received more than one call from the mumble jumble India voice computer people telling me they could fix the problem. Golly gee, I didn’t even know I had a problem as I just spent a ton of money getting this different computer and I know the man who sold it to me. Wow! Isn’t it great to have such nice services give you a call and want to help you so.
When the second or third or 20th call came about my computer being infected I began to grow suspicious. “What!” I shouted, “Windows 10? My Windows 10 is infected? I thought that was supposed to be a very stable program.” But the very nice gentleman who called assured me that my Windows 10 did not protect me against this particular malware. So he and I did the vocal dance around what I was supposed to do. Now, beware that there are two different incidents coming.
On one of these calls I stayed right with the voice and he, I am sure, was pleased that I was so stupid. I asked many questions a first grader could have answered about my Microsoft Windows 10. Then I firmly asked him if this was one of those Russian tricks. I told him I had heard about Russia getting into people’s computers and I wanted to know if he was Russian. He assured me in his Poteet Patel voice that he was not Russian. You have already guessed that I was very hard to convince as he sounded Russian. When I told him, in polite language so he would listen, that he was a scam as I had an iMAC which didn’t fit.
You see, one time many long times ago I went further than this and found some female voice wanted all my info so they could bill me later. Her timing was almost perfect as I had signed up for a legitimate service and I thought it was them...until she started in about my credit card and bank and told me the amount she wanted. Also, she/they could fix all my problems over the phone. Yessir, you are correct, I felt like I had been handled by a carnival barker for staying on the phone with her. That was several years ago and now I have decided it is my turn to play them instead of being played.
Two telephone calls were especially fun. One India voice who must have been new to his game let me work him over for quite a long time. I kept getting more and more insistent that he just send me the money (quite a large sum) and skip all those requirements. After several minutes of me interrupting him and asking more and more questions he finally yelled, “Go to hail!” then hung up on me. The next one said he was going to “come over there and kill you!” He also hung up on me. It doesn’t do any good to hang up on these scam callers but I have had many fewer calls since I started doing this. If you have time you can do this and it may slow down your scam callers.
I wish the government would enforce the “Do Not Call List.” It seems that both my telephone numbers have been placed on every scam call in the USA, Pakistan and India. As most of you know, the scammers now use some program that shows on your caller I.D. up as a local call. I missed one call which the voice message said was the company where I order supplies. I returned that call and the man from another Oklahoma town answered and had never heard of me. My company told me later they did that so people would answer. I told him to stop it. I don’t know if I had much effect but they have stopped.
So, I am asking you, do you think the state and/or federal government should do anything about these “robocalls?” I would love to hear your answer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.