Members of the Henryetta police department and US Marshall service arrested Lakota Watson Tuesday afternoon.
Watson was found at the Sugar Bush apartments in Morris. According to police chief Steve Norman, he was apprehended without incident.
He has been the subject of a manhunt since Labor Day when he allegedly shot Ryan White during an argument in Henryetta. Watson was named in a $500,000 youthful offender warrant that charged him with shooting with intent to kill.
He was described as a "couch sleeper" by police meaning he was known to stay at various homes. This made it difficult to find him since he had no permanent address.
Officers were interviewing the residents of the apartment in Morris but declined to say if charges would be filed against them.
White is recovering from a wound to his stomach from a small caliber weapon. He has undergone several surgeries in St. Johns Hospital in Tulsa.
While officers were searching for Watson, they were able to make a drug arrest.
Officers were acting on a tip at the Lake Drive apartments where Watson was said to have been seen. When they approached an individual that matched the suspect's description, they found a quantity of methampthetamine as well as some drug paraphernalia. That individual was arrested for possession with intent to distribute and possession of the paraphernalia.