Henryetta school officials are trying to find the one Knight logo that will represent the school.
Since the mascot name change in 1989, there have been several Knight designs that have been used for shirts, banners and more.
knights logosAt the Monday night school board, athletic director Tim Gillispie announced an effort to come up with one logo and official colors.
“We are getting ready to start a new program that we have been working on for three years. It is branding for our logos and Knights,” Gillispie said. He told the board it was time to clean up the logo and trademark it. “That way if someone wants to use it, they would have to come to us and pay us for that.”
School superintendent Dwayne Noble illustrated that with the Jenks logo. “When you see the Jenks Trojan logo, you know it is Jenks. We want the Knight to be Henryetta. When you see it, you know it is the Henryetta Knight.
He said there have been several designs in use including one with a knight on a horse.
Along with the chosen log, the school would also adopt a specific color that would be trademarked as well. “When we were trying to get the color for the stem building, we had the perfect color but found out Broken Arrow had trademarked that gold color. Now we can get our colors and trademark it.”
Plans call for a committee consisting of two school board members as well as administrators and selected teachers from each site to develop the logo.
“It will take a couple of meetings to brand this school. The end result will be we will have a cool looking Knight and ‘H’ logo,” he said.
Following a short executive session, board members hired Kendall Hodge as a paraprofessional, Stephanie Baird as Johnson O’Malley advisor and Wylee Kay Lewis and Abbi Green as baby daycare aides.
The school is in the process of installing new video cameras throughout all buildings. Those cameras will replace surveillance systems that are said to be 20 years old.