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A long-standing ban on alcohol at Nichols Park and Jim Hall Lake was modified Tuesday night.
The city council voted 4-1 to allow sales of 3.2 beer at special events at both locations. The original proposal was to include wine and liquor but councilor Jennifer Clason amended it to only cover 3.2 beer. By state definition, 3.2 beer is considered non-intoxicating.
"We have two vendors who want to come for rodeo events. This would allow beer sales for rodeos and concerts," she said.
City manager Ted Graham pointed out the change would only be for special events. "We would have a permit that would have to be filled out. They would come to the city to hold a special event and it would be only for that. Not on any other basis. We are not talking about general consumption."
The probation on drinking anywhere in the park would remain the same as in years past. Use of any beer or liquor is banned from the park.
In his manager's report, Graham pointed out city employees were considering holding a music concert as a fundraiser at the park. "They were trying to raise enough money to buy a children's playground set," he said.
Also covered in the ordinance would be a provision banning beer sales in glass containers.
Graham said the little league has a rule that no alcoholic beverages are allowed at the ball fields or around events where minors are involved.
Outgoing councilman Audie Cole was the only dissenting vote on the ordinance change.