Since January, the city of Henryetta has seen a near-steady decline in the sales tax receipts.
The latest drop reported for October amounted to a loss of $10,515 from a year ago. According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the city received $205,119.06 in sales tax revenue for October, down from the $215,634.85 last year.
To date, the town has totaled $2,128,228 in sales tax monies. That is down $134,953 from the same 10 months in 2016. For the past eight consecutive months, sales tax revenue has been on the downslide for Henryetta.
Some of that shortfall is being made up by the increase in use tax collections. So far this year, the city has received $144,444 compared to $137,004 a year ago.
Neighboring Dewar also reported a drop in sales tax collections, receiving $11,9334 in October compared to $13,650 a year ago.
By contrast, the city of Okmulgee had a $5,000 increase with $505,841 this month compared to $500,515 last year.
Statewide, $147,506,693 in sales tax collections was returned to the cities and towns. That reflected an increase of $9,147,818 from the $138,358,875 distributed to the cities and towns in October last year.