chelsea headingBack in the old days, and I mean OLD, things were a little better in one regard. Gonna interrupt myself here to exclaim that the old days were not better overall but they were the best “we” could do. Back in my childhood when someone wanted to rob you, they either broke into your home or held a pistol to your ribs. Neither of those things were pleasant but you knew exactly what those people wanted and were capable of. If someone want to rob either of my grandfathers they would either use a gun or knock him in the head. Big surprise in store for the robber, neither one had enough money to rob.
OK, now move along until today. In the past two or three days I have received at least six scam emails and two telephone calls.Oh, as an aside, all those times I hassled the scam callers must have paid off as I haven’t had any for several days. I am almost certain my telephone number is on a bulletin board with a cartoon of the devil issuing the most severe punishment possible. I should have my feelings hurt but I am trying to be brave.
Recently I have had a series of telephone calls from Platinum warranty service telling me my auto warranty was expired but they would give me full service. Problem: I have a couple of years left on my present warranty. As they were just hustling business without too much mental or financial damage, I told the first several callers to take off my name as I had a warranty. They have called since then and i have increased my ire. On Tuesday I received a call from them and I told the young lady voice that her company was to have removed my number. “I want my number removed from your records and quit calling me,” I said in my band director’s voice to a drummer who keeps missing a turn. She assured me it would be so.It wasn’t. On Wednesday I received another call from them. The telephone did not melt but I left no doubt I was...I was... irritated. Yes, that’s it: irritated. So I continued with my novel writing and finally decided i did not have to put up with this crap of them ignoring me and continuing to call.
I called them. When this bright, middle aged voice answered and asked how she could help, I told her. I told her in no uncertain terms although I did not raise my voice, did not shout nor tell her m true feelings about her obnoxious company’s telephone program. SHE got all upset and told me I couldn’t call her and start making demands and hung up on me. Now, I would like to hear what you think are my chances of receiving another call from Platinum. I really want to know.
This is bad news day. Herself and I save up and find an inexpensive cruise occasionally. Our tremendous travel agent can search out the industry and find us bargains. IF you are interested in cruises or tours I can send you her address and info. L M K.
So, we were almost packed when Galveston decided to have a hurricane. We could not get to the port, let alone find a room. So we had to cancel. This was a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line trip and we had bought travel insurance. RCCL trip insurance is a legal scam we learn the hard and expensive way. About the only way to actual get the insurance claim is to die two weeks in advance and let them know you are dead. If your spouse dies, they will take that under advisement, I am sure.
Anyway, it all boiled down to we lost most of our money because we had a “transportation” problem and nothing that was covered under their policy. A friend near Dallas warned us about trying to travel through there, there were no airlines flying, no shuttle services, no motels, but we didn’t qualify. They granted us 75% of our qualifying amount for a future cruise and it must be within a year. Their 75% is about half but of our total but if we don’t want to lose that also, we must find another cruise soon. I am telling you all this to warn those of you who like to cruise that maybe you should think twice before booking RCCL. We have cruised quite a bit but have never been treated like this. I would warn anyone to stay away from RCCL and especially do not take out their travel insurance.
Enough gritching and griping, we had half a zillion kids come for trick or treat and I loved every minute. Now, hmmm?? lemme see, what can I do with all this left over candy?