By Becky Hold
Vice-Regent and Publicity Chairman,
Okemah Chapter DAR
The Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met Tuesday, October 17, for their regular monthly meeting. The room was festively decorated with fall décor by the hostesses, Angela Polk and Becky Hold, and a beautiful star cooky decorated with the DAR motif and made by Angela’s daughter from Houston was presented to each member as a favor.
dar logoAfter Regent Velda Bradley led the chapter in the opening ritual, member, Ann Jackson, gave a most interesting program, “An Effort of Genius,” which told of America’s first submarine, an American innovation designed at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, in 1775, by David Bushnell, a Yale student majoring in mathematics who became interested in the idea of submersibles and detonation of gunpowder under water.
Bushnell called his submarine the “American Turtle,” or simply “Turtle,” because it was shaped like two tortoise shells joined together. The resemblance ended here as it floated upright in the water, tail down. Its entry barely admitted one person, the operator, whose air supply was limited to a half hour. Bushnell was encouraged and financed by none other than George Washington himself who had been informed of Bushnell's accomplishments by Governor Trumbull and other respectable persons. All the Turtle’s attempts were tactically unsuccessful, but it did its part toward making the British more respectful of patriot ingenuity and valor. On 26 September 1785, George Washington wrote in a letter to Thomas Jefferson referring to the Turtle: “I then thought, and still think, it was an effort of genius…”
Our chapter decided to honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day, November 11, by visiting them in their local rest homes, thanking them for their service, and presenting them with treats.
Door prizes were won by Jenny Cody-Knopp, Luretia Harkey, Velda Bradley, and Thelma Shields. The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 21, at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. Hostesses will be Ann Jackson and Sheldon Starr, and Becky Hold will present the program. Members are reminded to bring gifts for veterans, and prospective members are welcome to attend.
Members present were Emma Joyce Souder, Gene Meredith, Susan Barnett, Dorothy Burden, Ann Jackson, Thelma Shields, Velda Bradley, Lucretia Harkey, Geneva Bertges, Lucille Yahola, Judy Williams, Judith Drennan, Mary June Cashman, Margaret Parks, Jenny Cody-Knopp, Ruth Newport, guest Pam Farrell, and the hostesses, Angela Polk and Becky Hold.