chelsea headingWellsir, I know this has never happened to you but, it seems to be a major part of my present life. This never happened to me when I was growing up and lived on an unpaved street.
Oh, eventually the city spread smelter ashes for our one block street which, years later, the feds came to town as the abandoned smelter site was declared a major health hazard because of all the lead in the ashes. But, before you interrupted me, I was about to say, this computer went on strike last week and was down for most of the week.
It seems it wanted to upgrade and did so without checking with me. From that point on it was a nightmare - except I didn’t get much sleep. Yes, I know I have talked about many problems lately but there is god news in the air which will come later.
Over a three day period, during my conscious period I spent about six hours, more or less, either on the telephone or waiting. These different sessions were for various techs who were hired to solve problems.
Guess what? Many of them can’t spell computer and evidently are hired to pass you on to the next level of incompetence. The first level Cox tech tried for an hour (+/ - ) but it must have been his lunch period coming up as he sent me on up the line. To his credit, the second level tech from Cox almost had enough knowledge to solve the problem of not being able to send or receive email. But after about two hours, he gave up and told me to call Apple.
The first Apple tech was a young female voice who was very pleasant but we got nowhere. Naturally, females just don’t do tech, right? Hang on, the second Apple tech was another female voice and she fixed the problem. It only took a little over an hour and my waiting time wasn’t extraordinarily long. But I still have one account which will not send email but by the time I discovered that I was so tired and stressed I decided to wait until this week to call again. Wish me luck!
But there is some good news. I have been sent a book to review and I had just gotten started when the disaster happened. So far, it is a very good book which I shall tell you about later. The name is:Snake in the Grass and was written by Ron Leming. He has other books to his credit so look for them - and this one. Speaking of which...
The novel writing critique group I joined is moving along rather well. For all you people who are as cowardly as i am, find a group! I h made more progress in the very few weeks since I started with this group than I have for the past 40 or 50 or 60 years.
Having people critique your work after you have read it aloud while they have followed along with a copy you provided is all new to me. I am sure there are several people reading this who have said to themselves: “I think I will write a book about XYZ.”
So! Do it! Don’t put it off as you have nothing to lose. Oh, maybe some time you spent writing which is enjoyable and what else have you got to do that is as self-fulfilling? OK, OK, yessir, when the Greats come to visit everything stops and I don’t care if I have made no progress that day.But that is different. My greats are the smartest, prettiest, and most talented grands or greats ever and I am sure there will be no one to write in and contradict me on that.
But now it is getting winter and I have to get my bees ready. There are not a great deal of things to do but there are some important things. I looked at my hive yesterday and they were so nice that they forgot to sting me. OH--- by the way, anyone living near Tulsa, if you hear of or see a swarm next February (or onward) let me know. I would like to have three more hives and that is the best way to get them.
By catching a swarm one insures that the hive lives so thousands of bees are saved. Also, too many people have an exaggerated fear of that large group of bees so a bee catcher is alleviating that fear. That is a good feeling when you help the environment and help people. This spring I would drive a distance for a hive if you, or a neighbor, happens to see one close to you or in the vicinity. Being sorta strange, I think it is fun to catch all those bees.
As always, I really like your responses so let me know what you think. See you next week.