chelsea headingWellsir, the days are getting short and cold. It seems as though that happens almost every year. But (and this is an AHA! moment) it seems that it was warm much longer than usual. Now don’t go blaming the unusual warm days with this so-called “global warming.” The truth is that the air conditioning sellers got together and somehow fixed the weather into a warm pattern. Anyway, that is what I was told.
But this season should be the season of goodwill and happiness and “let’s be nice to everybody.” It seems to be working pretty well so far. I have only been honked out by a driver who thought signaling left and actually making a proper left turn should never be attempted when he is in a hurry. Actually, he is probably correct. The quicker he gets to wherever he is going, the quicker it is safe to drive again for real people.
Speaking of real. Man-O-Man, did I ever see the town car I would love to have. Some of you will remember back in the dim past whenever there was a town car for city driving. Wellsir, today I saw the perfect vehicle for city driving in this modern age. Having been in Los Angeles and Dallas many times, it would be just the thing there.
Oh, before we go on, maybe I should clear up something. Some people say that Dallas traffic is wild or weird or, the sissies even say, dangerous. I want to clear up that misconception. Dallas traffic is insane. I have driven in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. I have driven in five or six foreign countries and have ridden in about thirty. Take my word for it, Dallas traffic should win an international award for traffic.
Now back to the town car. Being parked at a shop which did not have marshmallow Santas for my kids, I backed out of my parking place and made a “U” turn to go back up to the main street. I looked up to check to see if there were any other disappointed grandparents coming into that shop. Blocking the horizon was a white pick-up truck about the size of Godzilla on steroids. It had a large assembly on the from for pulling cars from the mud.
(Or perhaps, pulling cars out of the asphalt after they have been run over.) This truck stood about eleven feet high and remember, it started out as a 3/4 ton. Its wheels looked like a skate board for an elephant hunting poachers in the swamp. By the time my brain caught up with my vision I was glad there was nobody operating that Herculean monster. Yessir, it is just the vehicle for Dallas as it could run over those people who are curtesy deficient and do stupid things. Not the nice things we do here in the Tulsa area.
The niceness season does affect some people. Very recently I had one small item in my hand as I stood in a check-out line. The lady in front of me told me to go ahead as she had a basket-full. It took me a few seconds to process that as my mind was busy trying to figure out where I could get foil wrapped chocolate Santas for the world’s cutest, smartest greats. But, yes, I did take advantage of her niceness and, yes, mom, I thanked her.
Foil wrapped chocolate Santas are not a tradition as is the Bunny Cake. It is just something I thought would be nice to remember me by. That way the kids could always yell at their parents every Christmas, “Where are the chocolate Santas? Pop always gave us foil wrapped chocolate Santas every time!” I think everybody should have a merry Christmas.
The entire month of December should be celebrated for making people aware there is more to life than just getting up. Maybe somehow we who can will find an extra dollar or two to give to a charity which needs it.
Maybe even some will give a cupla bucks to a family or a homeless person so they can have a real meal. Maybe, just maybe, the grinches will realize that not everybody who asks for help is a bludger but actually needs help.
Here in Oklahoma our economy is just not the greatest. Our state legislators have crashed the state and are not asking Santa for help. They haven’t figured a way (yet) to blame someone else. But having said that, there are many people in Oklahoma who need help. Make that NEED help. I have heard and read about people who are needy are worthless and don’t want to work. No one who has said that has offered proof to me.
If I weren’t Santa on Saturdays, I would not be as nice to the Radical Greedys as I am.
As always, I really like your responses so let me know what you think. See you next week.