Even though it is winter in Henryetta, members of the HHS Performing Arts Student Association are already looking ahead to spring.
That is when they will be presenting, "The Wizard of Oz," musical at the high school auditorium.
Casting audition were held Dec. 14 to fill 34 slots. "We are not just limiting our cast to members of the high school," said director Liz Bealko. "This performance will include youngsters from the elementary grades and middle school."
Rehearsals will start March 26. The musical will be performed April 27, 28 and 29 at the HHS auditorium.
Cast members include:
Wizard of Oz cast list
Makayla Baxter: Dorothy Gale
Taylor Martinez: Aunt Em
Summer Bryant: Glenda the Good
Dakota Mckay: Uncle Henry/Emerald City guard, tree
Zach Thomas: Zeke/Cowardly Lion
Taylor Graffman: Hickory/Tin Woodsman
Dalton Key: Hunk/Scarecrow
Emma Sontag: Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch
Max Wilson: Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz
Stony Mckay: Nikko, tree, Osian
Jordan Knox: winkie general, Osian
Zadrien Jimenez: crow, dance captain, Osian
Leia Howton: crow, dancer, Osian
Lillith Howton: crow, dancer, Osian
Neecie Gillin: dancer, Osian, monkey
Skye Maldonado: dancer, Osian
Audrey Walker: Winkie, Osian, tree
Sadie Stone-Mccarty: monkey, Osian, tree
Tyler Sission: dancer, Winkie, Osian
Alyssa Guynes: Winkie, Osian
Saydee Stout: Winkie, Osian
Nicole Reeves: Winkie, Osian

Phoenix Mckay: Mayor of Munchkinland
Caveryn Foster: coroner
Kenzie Gillin: barrister
Jade Stone–McCarty: school teacher
Brock Sontag: city father
Gracelind Pollard: school teacher
Jonah Roberts: tough guy
Bubba Gahm: tough guy
Dexton Jimenez: tough guy
Anna Kiner: tot
Saige Corn: tot
Abigail Whitlow: tot

Bo Adams, Shayna Arthur, Bailey Davis, Kaitlyn Jones, Sylvia Mulliniks, Joshua Petruska, Fallon Rodgers, Tamra Smith and  Sara Stanton.