chelsea headingWellsir, I am asking you to forgive the long absence and, so it appears now, we are I finally ready to continue. In all the many years of writing this, we have never encountered as many problems. Then, as happens to many of you, last week and this week went by without a chance to get our head from “under water.” But it now appears that the major problems have been sidestepped and yes, I am just superstitious enough to think it may be luck to mention that. But, having been off-line from somewhen in December to now is punishment enough.
Our world has moved on and a major event has occurred. Oh, not “TO” me exactly but definitely concerning me. I now have a brand new, hardly used baby boy. Being the nice person I am it has been decided the mom and dad can keep him for awhile but I am monitoring the situation carefully. It has been a long time since I have had a small boy to wool-around and teach games and do wonderful little boy things. There are two who live east of Oklahoma City but I almost never get to see them. Oh, they have a sister who is already one of “Pop’s” best buddies. Her favorite thing is “Bunny Cake Day.” Which brings me to another subject.
Bunny Cake is always the Saturday a week before Easter. I suppose it will always be that way as Easter is almost always on a Sunday. Mark your calendars and be sure to send in a picture of this year’s Bunny Cake. On a personal note, out last year’s Bunny Cake was one of the best ever for us. One of my girls is growing up even after I have tried to tell her to STOPIT! She just goes ahead and gets bigger and older and, though I thought it impossible, prettier. That, I have noticed, has happened to all my grands.
On a completely different note, we have had some winter in Oklahoma. I hope your winter was/is as mild as ours. Yes, the temp did hit a whopping 3 degrees once and was cold for a week. That was our winter and that is enough. You guys who live in the Arctic states, like Nebraska, Iowa or anything north of Kansas think having below freezing temps for weeks at a time is normal. Wellsir, it ain’t. My philosophy, which is shared by many others, is that if we human type people were supposed to live in below freezing temperatures for long periods, we would have built on fur. And - NO, professional wrestlers do not count as they have been reported to be part gorilla anyway.
While we were talking here I made the mistake of answering the telephone. Just today I have missed two or three calls today which I needed the information. So, like a novice, I have answered the phone when it rings and have hung up almost immediate. however, this one was from a company I wrote asking about their publishing program. I am glad the person from the publishing house has a job because we had many problems communicating.
As we talked, I would tell him something and after several sentences, he would tell me what I had asked. He explained in great detail one thing which had nothing to do with the question as far as I could tell. When I say in “great” detail I am speaking in words and time. At this point I am still confused.
For example: The aspiring author “buys” a package which contains several items. Now here is where I got lost. AFTER I pay this huge amount, for every book sold on Amazon I get 10%. For every book sold on their website I get 25%. But I get a whopping 50% of ebook sales. He could not explain to me why that worked that way. I certainly would like to hear your opinion of this. He is to call back Monday as i need more time to digest their information.
He had me look at the “Terms and Conditions” page and said he would wait until I had read it. It is about twenty or thirty pages long so I declined his offer. I had already told him I had to go as ,blah blah blah. But my important thing was not important to him. He was very nice and as accommodating as he could be which was limited by his limited English skills. I no longer speak pure Okie so that is not the problem.
OK, here is your part. we all would love to hear your narrative on a phone call from someone you could not politely get away from. Yes, the others I just hang up. Please send them in.
Next week does not promise to be as disjointed as the previous three or four weeks so i should be able to get this out on time. Write me.