Dear Teachers,
scott fetgatterFirst, I want to say that the sacrifices you make on a daily basis are not lost on me. I appreciate the work that teachers do with limited and unacceptable resources. Each year, many of your class sizes expand, and the buying power of your (inadequate) compensation lessens; yet, you are still expected to adequately prepare students for the next chapter of their lives.
The unique thing about working at the House of Representatives is that I get to work with people from many different areas of expertise and life experiences. We have doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, veterans and veterinarians. We even have a member that was on the U.S. bobsled team. If you ask any member from our body about their life, you will most likely hear a unique story that is full of accomplishments. That being said, there is one common thread woven into the fabric of these life stories – more times than not, they were inspired by a teacher.
I tell people all of the time that when I see old friends in the community it's usually a greeting with a handshake, but when I see my old teachers it's always a hug. Two weeks ago was a highlight in my short tenure here at the Capitol. One of my former teachers was able to watch as I passed a bill on the House floor. I was so proud to have her be there when this happened.
Our state government has failed us by forgetting how important teachers and education are to society. As I have shown by voting for every teacher raise put before more, I stand with you in the fight for a teacher pay raise and an increase in education funding. As this fight moves forward, I will continue to work toward a solution that restores Oklahoma’s commitment to education and reinvests in the future of our children. I hope we don’t get to the point that a walkout is necessary, but if that day comes, I can promise you that nobody in my presence will attack educators for standing up for their children and themselves.
Now is not the time to stay silent. Please, let your voices be heard. Call your legislators in both the House and Senate.
In full support,
Scott Fetgatter
House District 16