You can’t have a marching band without shoes and the HHS band is trying to get some new ones.
Next Monday, band members will be looking for donations of gently-worn shoes of all types, dress, sport, sandals and the like. To that end, they have drop-off locations at both American Exchange and First National banks as well as First Family Federal Credit Union.
“We want to replace our old Drill Master shoes that we have had for years,” said band director Alan Montgomery. shoe drive
He said Drill master is preferred since they are specifically designed for marching bands. “They have the rounded heel that marching bands need to aid in their performances. Band members are taught to roll their heels when they march and these shoes are made for that.”
The shoes cost about $30 per pair. To replace them with the shoe drive, Montgomery has made contact with a company that will take the old, used shoe donations, refurbish them then send them overseas to be donated to people who otherwise would not have shoes at all.
The band will be paid by the pound of shoes donated. Donations will be taken from April 30 through July 2.
“We want to be able to outfit our band members with all new shoes in time for the trip to Washington, D.C. next year,” Montgomery said.
This weekend, band boosters will be holding a car wash and yard sale to help defray expenses for that trip.
The band needs to raise some $60,000 in order to participate in the 2019 National Memorial Day parade.
The car wash and sale will be held in the former O’Reilly’s parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Anyone wishing to donate items for the sale or drop off shoes can come to the car wash.



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