Today is election day in Henryetta. Two new city council members are going to be elected and that is going to be of prime importance to the community.
There is are two candidates that need to get the vote and keep Henryetta going forward for another four years. By the same token, there is a faction in Henryetta that wants to keep the turmoil stirred up and are looking for their own self-important interests.
Vote for Christy Jeffcoat and Shannon Scott. These are two people who are in business and want to serve the entire community.
Henryetta has seen a lot happening in the past two years. A city council is pulling together and there are improvements being made in the looks of the town. That drive forward needs to be continued. We don't need people on the council who can only look back on history and remember how it was. That has gone on too long. For too many years, the attitude has been, "Let's make do with what we've got." We need to change that to "Let's improve what we have for the betterment of Henryetta."
There needs to be decisions made, plans put into effect to move ahead. Instead, there is an effort by a small group of people who continue to try and dismantle any progress. They resort to name-calling, spreading lies and innuendoes using a small grain of information and twisting into their own distorted version of fact.
The city council does not need to revert to five people being pulled apart by those special self-interests wanting to boost their own egos.
Get out today and cast your ballot for the future, not the past. Vote for Christy Jeffcoat and Shannon Scott.