The HHS band shoe drive was a "walk-away success."
That's the feelings of band director Alan Montgomery Wednesday as a truck loaded with 124 bags of shoes drove away from the band room.
Band st udents had been collecting the shoes throughout June as one of their fundraising efforts toward a trip to the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. next year.
The shoes are heading to Florida where they will be mingled with others from across the nation and sent overseas to be donated. Money received by the band will be based  upon the number of pounds of shoes. "I jokingly told people to send in steel-toed boots and shoes so we can get more money," said Montgomery.
The money will be going toward the purchase of new Drill Master shoes for the band. Those shoes cost $30 per pair and will be put with the new uniforms the Knight Brigade will be showing off at the first game with Morris next month.
"The community came through in a big way with this project," he said. "We really appreciate everyone and can't say 'thank you' enough." There were 124 bags of shoes with the band originally hoping for 100. Those bags of shoes stretched from the band room down the sidewalk all the way to the gate where the truck was parked.


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