Some County residents are getting phone calls from people who say they are officers with the Okmulgee County sheriff’s department.
Those calls have a person identifying themselves as Lieutenant Wells and Lieutenant Kelly and warning individuals they have unpaid fines.
The calls are similar to other scams telling people they need to pay the fines over the phone immediately or else an arrest warrant will be issued.
“We don’t have a Lieutenant Wells or Lieutenant Kelly at the Okmulgee County sheriff’s department,” said Duston Todd, investigator. “Nor do we call people demanding payment. If we have an arrest warrant, we serve it.”
Todd said anyone receiving such calls should not give out any personal or bank account information.
Those calls are said to be coming from (918)739-0410.
“Anyone who receives phone calls from a person identifying themselves as a member of the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office or feels that they have been the victim of a scam can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (918) 756-4311 to verify the identity of the caller,” Todd said.