It has been said that, as a society,  we are becoming more separated. I believe a good part of that has to do with the way we communicate as opposed to how we once did communicate. There were many advantages in writing letters and in actually speaking to a real, live person on the telephone. Maybe the future is rushing toward us too fast. My feeling is that the future has rushed at me and has gone on by with only a slight hand wave.
Unless you have experienced it, you cannot imagine the feeling you would get from having discovered a letter, or letters, that were decades old. I can only imagine what the lucky person would feel like who discovered letters that were more than a century old. Actual hand written letters from one person to another. Those poor unenlightened people who wrote those letters thought that "twitter" was for birds.
But that is not to say all modern forms are not good. Look at the present, ongoing Iranian revolution. Dictatorships like to shut down the free press. Chavez in Venezuela is making great strides in closing newspapers and radio stations. he has taken control of most, if not all, independent television. Putin, in Russia, is doing better than that. He has the media so controlled the people think he is a wonderful leader who will bring back the glorious times of the Soviet Union. The Soviet type spying is going on unabated in Russia right now. Russian people have, and Venezuela people are, losing their ability to communicate freely with each other. That has almost happened in the United States of America but it has been slightly postponed - we hope.
Personally, while I am not completely computer illiterate, I can't do the tricks and gee-whizzes of a computer nerd. If I had been an social program  protester the world would still be waiting while I read my manual and tried to decide if I hit button 6 or widget to send an email on my phone. When we got back from Greece, I discovered someone had made a big mistake on my camera. On occasion I would ask a young person to take a picture of Herself and me doing something noteworthy. You know the drill, this is a squillion year old ruin so we will stand here and grin and you snap a shot or two.
I am clued in enough to get the pictures from camera to CD. Then I looked at all of them and saw that there was a movie toward the end. "Oh, no,"I said in an amused voice thinking I had a college student's mistake on disk. I was very certain there was one college student in the world who was less technical than me. The movie was shot as someone accidentally pointed the camera at the floor. I called out to herself that she had to see this. I said some kid, I loaned the camera to, had really messed up. Then--- when i saw the shoes that were on the feet which were attached to the legs of the camera shooter, I discovered they were my shoes. I quickly shut up.  And furthermore, I still do not know how to do the movie feature on purpose.
Several countries are planning manned expeditions to the moon. We are being left behind as our politicians lost interest for the last 40 years and we have spent our money on less glamorous pursuits. Now we are getting interested again because of the competition. Some of our scientist are even talking seriously of sending men to Mars.  I hope to be able to nominate candidates as our politic... nevermind.
Someone asked me would I go if I had a chance. Yessir, I would go as soon as possible. It may take me a day or two to make arrangements but I could be ready. I already have a passport, extra prescriptions and clean underwear. But it will never happen.  If the captain said to dingle the fizzfaz while uploading a donglesnapper, I would be lost. "Now," the captain would say, "we will swing by the moon to gain speed. Cook, use your keyboard to figure trajectory and several other technical things." I would look at him in amazement and ask where the on/off button was as I thought I could do that.
# My cell phone has GPS on it and I discovered I can find my house better than it can. At least I am not totally left out of the modern world.