A prisoner in the Okmulgee County jail that had western Okmulgee County residents terrified two years ago is back in the news again.
rowlandSkipper Rowland was the subject of a two-day extensive manhunt that started at Wildcat Junction east of Dewar and ended in Warner in 2017.
A nurse at the Okmulgee County jail is alleged to have been trying to help Rowland gain freedom again.
Kimberly Trulove is accused of bringing drugs and a phone into the jail and working to get Rowland free.trulove
She was arrested and booked into the jail Tuesday.
Rowland escaped from a Department of Correctons van that was stopped at the intersection of SH 52 and US 266. Despite a manhunt that included helicopters and lawmen from several agencies, he was able to steal a pickup and flee to Warner. He was captured there with no incident.
Trulove, 50, was booked into the jail on complaints of providing a prisoner with useful aids to escape, and bringing the drugs and phone into the jail.



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