Henryetta students took a trip to space Monday morning.lockhart
The students heard NASA astronaut and Endeavour shuttle pilot Col. Paul S. Lockhart talk about the space program and hear how occupants of the international space station work and live some 200 miles above earth.
Lockhart was the pilot for several flights and described what astronauts felt during their trip from the launch pad to the space station. “There is a lot of vibration that is shaking you around as you go from zero to almost 18,000 miles per hour,” he said.
He was at HHS as part of the Flight Night Space Week program through the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. The program enables elementary, middle and high school students to see the importance of STEM education. He was telling the young students they can be a part of the space program if they work hard.
He explained the impact of living on the space station saying astronauts face issues such as bone loss, muscle atrophy and problems with the body adjusting to a zero-gravity environment.
endeavourDetailing the space walks, he described the suits they wear and how a simple repair can turn into an 11-hour day due to the bulky space suits.
He presented several hands-on activities including launching straw rockets to show flight principles and rocket science.
The program here was the first in a week-long series of visits to students in 17 elementary, middle and high schools. Henryetta, a member of the STEM Alliance, is the only school outside the immediate Tulsa area that was participating in the program.