chelsea headingYES, I have told the story of the German Joyful Singers a few times. OK! Maybe more than a few times. Other than having children, not enough grandchildren and then some Greats (!), this is one of the nicer things I have experienced. Since I told you of it last week, I shall refrain from repeating, but, if you would like to hear Chapter Two, write me and I shall comply;This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Most of you know I volunteer at the information desk at the Tulsa International Airport. I enjoy it as I get to help several people on every shift I am there. We volunteers get to wear a red jacket which makes us look important – and knowledgeable. That last part is not always correct but we don’t talk about that. There is something about helping people that makes the day a little better. 99.9 per cent of teachers feel the same. We Americans are a helpful lot, with or without an information desk. Volunteers from the USA are all over the world doing a zillion different ways of helping people. As you probably know from your reading, many time they are in dangerous places doing difficult work. Many times they get shot at and have their lives at stake. Then, after the shooters have left or been captured, they come out of hiding and start again.
One instance happened very recently. A lady from a town near here had a hive of bees trying to live in the upper art of her house: her outside chimney. Some mutual friend contacted me to see if I could help. I am a heighth atheist as I do not do heights. I posted her need of help on our bee club web page and Facebook page. Within an hour there were multiple responses. One man lived close and was also the first to contact me so I “gave” him the responsibility. Now, do not say he did that to get something from it. That is only partially correct. A lady was having a problem and he was in a position to help. Many other Oklahomans would have done the same. Yes, he wanted the bees but crawling around on a roof two stories off the ground is going above and beyond. We are people who like to help people.
You will hear some people harshly ask, “Why in the #@**! Would they do that?” Sadly, there is no answer to satisfy those who question a helper. Americans love to help. If this ever changes then the spirit of America the world admires, will have changed. The Trodglamytes will have taken over and we all will be the poorer for it. No, not all will be financially poorer. The Trods will still be mega-rich and more powerful. The one-percent will still have more finances than the other ninety-nine per cent. One of them now have more money than most small towns combined. Most have more money than the combined total of most Oklahoma counties.
But enough about them! Those “people” are like most hogs in a stock pen. They want what they have and will try to get what the others have. They can never get enough.
On a lighter note, spring is here! Glorious spring with flowers, birds, buds and my bees are bringing in pollen. Somehow I got a weak hive through the winter and it is now big enough to split. Also, I am hoping someone calls to tell me of a swarm so I can increase my hive numbers. It takes a great number of bees to make a jar of honey. It takes a great deal of honey when one has several grandkids.
Among the more interesting facts about honey is it never spoils. I have personally tasted honey that was estimated as over fifty years old. This fact you can easily check with Safari/Google. It was reported that cone was found in King Tut’s tomb. Yessir, it was still good. That honey was older than me, not much, but some older. My former students think I am at least that old.
But it is spring. In Oklahoma that means today may be ninety degrees, tomorrow in the thirties, the next day a tornado. Things are seldom boring in Oklahoma. Come visit sometime.
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