warp floor

The gym floor looks like the surface of the ocean with its undulating waves where perfectly a level hardwood playing area once existed.
A week after a pipe burst flooding the 11-year-old facility, repairs are well underway.
"Workers are going to be moving the bleachers to the center of the floor and start taking up the wood Thursday," said superintendent Dwayne Noble. That's when patience will have to set in.
The concrete surface under the playing field will have to be completely dry before any new flooring can be installed.
During the meantime, sheetrock will have to be placed and inspections done on the tile in the dressing rooms, hospitality room and coaches' offices. "We don't know if the tile will have to come up yet."drywall
The leak came from a silver-dollar sized hole in a line coming from outside the building then going up into a pipe in a mechanical room. "We don't know exactly when the line was broken. It's a good thing Gary (Greenfield, a custodian) was moving in the area. He saw the water coming out under the doorway."
To repair the line, workers had to dig a massive hole outside the gym then jackhammer away the concrete poured in around the pope during the original construction.
Noble said no firm date has been given for all repairs to be made but it is estimated that the facility can be used again around the end of October to first week in November. "If it had to break, this was a good time for it to happen. It may affect some high school practices but we shouldn't have any games missed."
When the new flooring is in, Noble said there are plans to "jazz it up" with new paint. "The players will have a new floor and new logo and we want to make it look brighter."
He could not give a dollar amount to make the repairs but expected it would be high. "We have three gym floor surfaces in that building and it all has to come up."