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By Rebecca Hold,
Regent and Publicity Chairman
Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution members met Oct. 15 at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. The tables were beautifully decorated for fall by the hostesses, Sherrie Case and Joy Hlavaty.
Regent Rebecca Hold opened the meeting and led the opening ritual, flag salute, The American’s Creed, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the National Anthem.
Regent Hold introduced the following guests: DAR Members Jean Yokely, transferring from her Arizona Chapter and Edith Warrington, transferring from her former Mississippi Chapter, prospective members Druann Perrier and Lyn Frank of Okemah, and special guest Deborah Goodman Aldridge, Oklahoma State DAR Chapter Regent of the Year from the Chisholm Fork Chapter of Blanchard. Members wished new member Amber Ott a very Happy 93rd Birthday along with five other members celebrating birthdays this month: Nona Sowder, Carol Musick, Shelly Harris, Meredith Musick and Judy Williams.
We were honored to have Regent Deborah Goodman Aldridge preside over the welcome ceremony for five new members from Okemah, her cousins, mother and daughter Mavis Wilson and Gayle Sullivan, and three generations represented by Amber Ott, April Jorgensen, and Coleen Hatch. Regent Goodman was assisted by Regent Hold, and each new member was presented with a welcome packet with a flag, information, and gifts from the chapter and regent.
Members Joy Hlavaty and Sherrie Case presented a very interesting program, “Dolls of America—Rags to Riches” a history of dolls of America, their creation and makeup and how they migrated lovingly in the arms of children in wagons across America.
Several members gave presentations at several schools during Constitution Week and distributed USA flags and Pledge of Allegiance bookmarks to the students. Members who participated at their city’s school were June Yahola, Mary June Cashman, April Jorgensen, Rebecca Hold, Thelma Shields, Velda Bradley, Dorothy Burden, and Susan Barnett. The students loved the flags and were very attentive. All presenters stated they really enjoyed the worthwhile experience and plans are now being made for next year’s Constitution Week celebration on an even larger scale. Also several cities signed proclamations for Constitution Week and several of the members made displays in their area’s library.
Door prizes were won by Mary June Cashman, Dorothy Haynes, Emmy Baird, Dorothy Burden, and Thelma Shields. After the drawings the meeting was adjourned. Another record attendance was recorded with twenty-four members and guests attending. Members present were Ann Jackson, Mary June Cashman, Dorothy Burden, Thelma Shields, Dorothy Haynes, Judith Drennan, Carol Musick, Sheldon Starr, June Yahola, Edith Warrington, Patricia Funchess, Velda Bradley, Geneva Bertges, Rebecca Hold, Mavis Wilson, Gayle Sullivan, Amber Ott, April Jorgensen, guests Deborah Goodman Aldridge, Druann Perrier, Jean Yokely, and Lyn Frank, and the lovely hostesses, Sherrie Case and Joy Hlavaty.
The next meeting is Nov. 19 at 11:30 at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. Hostesses will be Susan Barnett and Dorothy Burden. Judi Drennan will be giving the program, “The Buzz about DAR, or How the Bees Saved America.” Three new members will be welcomed into the chapter. Plans are being finalized for the Christmas party in December. Prospective members are always welcome.