Henryetta students are benefitting from over $7,000 in grants awarded to teachers through the Henryetta Education Foundation.
Awards were given to ten teachers in the elementary and middle school grades by Foundation members Wednesday afternoon.
“We were proud to be able to fully fund all of the grants that were submitted this year,” said HEF president James McCullough. “We want to be able to do more of the same next year.”
He said there are still funds available through the Foundation’s cultural program for this year. “If teachers are interested, they should submit a request to the HEF.”
Receiving grants were:
Middle School: Debbie Wion and Monica Brown for sixth and seventh grade grammar test preparation software and thesauruses.
Kalli Dodge, eighth grade science test prep software.
Elementary School:
Kelly James, blast off into science.
Sandy Gaither, Jamestown ship simulation.
Mataya Hares, treasurer of books/.
Angela Glover, literacy project read for success.
Andrea Spurlock, Aweareness at your fingertips.
Laura Goodner, STEM possibilities.
Pamela Palmer, Write Tools for the Job.
Funds for the HEF grants come from donations to that organization by individuals and classes. Anyone wishing to donate should contact McCullough in care of the Henryetta school superintendent’s office.