Henryetta school board members acted as students Thursday night boarding one of the new buses that will be going into service next week.
Transportation manager Mike Hardgrave gave the board members the tour, explaining some of the new features as part of the board’s January meeting.
One of the new additions on the buses are the cameras mounted inside and outside that provide monitoring of all parts of the bus during operations. Hardgrave said the rear-facing camera displays in the mirror above the driver showing what is behind the vehicle. The cameras start recording when the engine starts. He pointed out a “panic button” can be pressed that will mark a spot in the recording if there is a problem. The video can be downloaded at the board office for review.
He went on to explain a problem drivers will be facing on the routes are tree limbs stretching over the roadways that can damage the exterior cameras.
Superintendent Dwayne Noble said the work replacing the gym floor ran into a problem when more moisture was detected in the concrete base. That had to be dealt with but caused another issue, cracked bleacher seats due to the heat required to dry out the floor. “Insurance is going to take care of that. We are looking at being in there March 1 and will have basically a new gym.
Work is expected to start next week replacing existing florescent lights throughout the district with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Also to be replaced will be toilets and sinks in the rest rooms.
Two long-term Henryetta teachers submitted their resignations effective at the end of the school year.
Jan Prahl will be retiring after some three decades at Henryetta schools. She started as a biology teacher in middle school and is the FACS teacher at high school.
Susan Kelch will be retiring after some 40 years in the school district. She is the high school and middle school librarian.
Kendal Hodge submitted her resignation as a para effective Jan. 23.
Board members hired Sally Hendrick for a six-hour high school cafeteria worker.