Some families in Henryetta found a notice on their doors talking about a “possible historical fuel release” in their area.
surveyBob Felder explained the notice from Clearwater Environmental Services dealt with closure of underground fuel tanks and possible leaks.
He said it started with a request from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s petroleum storage tank division.
“Anytime aboveground or underground fuel tanks (normally associated with convenience store/gas stations) are permanently closed, the OCC PSTD requires soil samples to be collected and analyzed to determine if a leak has ever occurred at the site,” Felder said.
Often those leaks could affect water wells, basements and storm cellars as well as utility lines.
He said the term “historical release” deals with a release that may have occurred years ago and has just been discovered.
“Very seldom are residents at risk from a historical release. By definition a historical release has been in the ground for years and sometimes decades without anyone knowing it or being endangered.”
That questionnaire notice is usually augmented by door to door visits but, due to the current COVID-19 situation, Clearwater elected to leave the flyers on the doors.
Anyone who received the notice and has a water well, basement or storm cellar is urged to contact Felder at Clearwater Environmental in Norman.