A familiar face will be back on the Henryetta city council at the May meeting.
Tuesday night Michael Dickey was appointed to the At Large council seat vacated by the resignation of Gary Clason.
Dickey first joined the Henryetta city council as an appointment in 2007 then, two years later he ran for election and served until 2013.
He will finish out Clason’s term that expires in 2021.
A problem with dogs running loose as well as squatters living in vacant houses was brought to the council Tuesday night.
Cynthia Taylor said the dog problem has her grandchildren unable to ride her bicycle and great granddaughter even able to be in a stroller. Taylor, who lives at Sixth and Cummings, said “Neighbors can’t walk in front of the house because of the dogs.”
cynthia taylor brought up a problem with dogs running loose in neighborhoods. lived in henreytta for about 15 years.
She said she had read the codes calling for dogs to be fenced or on a leash.
My granddaughter can’t no longer ride hitter bike down the street, great granddaughter can be in stroller. neighbors can’t walk in front of house because dogs costing them.
I do not think that is appropriate. can’t understand why they allow their dogs are at lodge.
she said she has called police 10-12 times going over months.
“We have a significant dog problems, mayor Jennifer Mulholland said. Its a nonstop battle. We have spent a lot of money taking them to Pittsburg County.” She explained the town takes the dogs to Pittsburg County rather than putting them in the local pound then eventually destroying the animals. “We do not keep them here. People need to make sure their pets are inside a fence or on a leash so we can tell the difference in pets or strays.
Taylor said she has made repeated calls to the police department about the issue. “They told me they can’t do anything unless they bite.”
Mulholland said the town’s animal control officer has been off work due to illness but he is scheduled to be back next week.
A problem with people living in a house that has been vacant for some 15 years was the next topic for Taylor.
She said squatters moved into the house and even obtained electric and water connections.
She said she contacted city code enforcement officer Jody Agee and was able to have a female there cited for breaking and entering.
Taylor said she has tried to contact the property owner, even going as far as getting the name and address from tax records and going to Tulsa to tell him about the problem. “I went to the house address that was listed and was told that he had moved and was not there.”
“We are working on abating property as fast as we can,” Mulholland said. “We pay about $5,000 for each property to tear down and that doesn’t take long for money to run out.”
She admitted the police should intervene if somebody is squatting in a vacant house.
Taylor said she went into the home and found some spoons used to take drugs.