Editor: Thehenryettan.com
My dear fellow Americans; How do we keep the people of The United States of America from becoming a herd of cattle being completely controlled in every aspect of our lives, free and independent thinkers with our rights of personal choice in pursuit of our own happiness?
It takes resolve: to have a firm determination to do something and decide firmly on a course of action. America doesn't have to be allowed to become the resemblance of a ghost town with our God given freedoms taken from us. If we must sacrifice our lives, let us do it upon the alter of freedom. It's not too late. It is completely up to the citizens of this nation to see what is happening, decide if we like it or not and if not, strengthen our resolve to fix it. It is in the people's hands. We formed our government. Our government did not form us. If our elected officials won't do something about it, we have the Constitutional power to change that. The real power lies in the people's hands. IT ONLY TAKES A STRENGTHENING OF OUR RESOLVE.
This coming November 3rd (National Election Day) we all have an opportunity to choose and exercise our course of action. All that remains is our developing a POWERFUL RESOLVE TO DO IT. Suggested course of action: We must remove any and all people from public office who believe our government should control us and replace them with someone who believes we should control our government. The choice is OURS. Do we have the resolve?
Please get involved and forward this all over the nation.
John Porter, Harrison, Arkansas.