Editor, Thehenryettan.com:
While shopping at Braums the day before Thanksgiving, the lines to check out groceries were longer than usual. When I finished checking out the kind sweet woman in front of me had paid for my groceries. She said with a memorable smile Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy.
I was overjoyed and a little shocked as I had never had anything like that happen to me. While the groceries were wonderful, the kindness was worth much more.
I lost my only son this past March and the approaching holidays have already been very emotional. Somehow when this precious person acted selflessly, she gave me a sense of comfort.
She may not see this, but if she does I want her to know that she gave me much more than just groceries. May this be a reminder that we never know what those around us are going through and how a kind word or act of kindness can restore the love that is often needed. I am thankful for her and her gift to me.
Donna Chumley